BreakingNews Show: Resilience with Tourism in Crisis

Discussion on our breaking news show with Dr. Peter Tarlow & Juergen Steinmetz along with people relevant to the news item discussed. Attend and ask Questions, or provide answers.

Meet WTN Member Severine Obertelli. She will discuss her new book Personal Resilience. The book looks how ways that we can survive in an ongoing world of Covid. Some of the topics that the authors will discuss are: Staying healthy, Keeping your spirits high, Social issues during a pandemic, and how to survive financially.

This discussion is especially important for those in the tourism and hospitality industry and for families now struggling with the new Delta Variant of Covid-19. The authors will be available to offer not only major insights but also answer questions from the audience.About to Start: Breaking News Show.

With Dr. Peter Tarlow & Juergen Steinmetz

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