Peace Through Tourism: What is next

The founder of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) is discussing a way forward with an international panel of experts.
* Don King, IIPT Board Member – Syrian Refugee Community Center, Jordan  (Dr. Taleb Rifai  invited to comment)
* Louis D’Amore, IIPT Founder and President – IIPT Global Peace Parks Project –  Diana McIntyre Pike
* Maga Ramasamy – President, IIPT Indian Ocean Islands  Chapter –  Sustainable and Responsible Travel and Tourism
* Ms. Mmatsatsi (pronounced MaChachee) – President, newly formed IIPT Southern Africa Chapter
* Andreas Larentzakis  – IIPT PeaceTravellers Platform
* Ajay Prakash, IIPT Executive VP and President, IIPT India – Community Farm Project
* Nikki Rose – Peace with Food
* Diana McIntyre Pike, President, IIPT Caribbean – Community Tourism
* Gail Parsonage, President, IIPT Australia
* Reza Soltani, IIPT Image and Communication – Peace Tours to Hiroshima, DMZ
* Kiran Yadov, Vice President and Co-Founder, IIPT India
* Fabio Carbone, IIPT Ambassador at Large and President, IIPT Iran – Festival of Peace; IIPT History Project

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